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About the Studio

How do I find my way in the Studio?

The OYM Studio is easy to learn to use

In the Studio you create a Session. You collect the elements that are ultimately brought together to 1 Audio experience. First you choose a Shape, then an Energy and an Atmosphere. That is already a complete session. But the power of OYM is that you can go further here: Affirmations and Guided Texts.

In the Studio the menu structure is logical everywhere: click on Atmosphere, choose a category in the row below and then browse all available Atmosferen. Make your choice and the Overview of your New Session will appear on the screen.

How do I start building a Session?

A Session always first has a Form. The Shape you choose is related to the purpose of your Session. So look closely at the duration and the elements of each Shape. Click on Form and choose a duration. Then choose the Shape with the elements you want.

The Studio asks for a restart when a new Form is chosen to retrieve the matching elements.

And after that, the Energy ...?

Yes, you decide for yourself which Energy you want to offer to your Mind during this Session. Take a close look at the description, listen to the example and choose the Energy that supports the purpose of your Session.

Then you choose an Atmosphere in the same way. Ask yourself what you like to experience during your Session. Which Atmosphere promotes your sense of relaxation or concentration?

Even much further with Affirmations or Guided Text?

If you have chosen the correct Shape, you can also add Speech to the Session.

  • Affirmations, divided into dozens of categories, with a male or female voice. Simply click on the Affirmations you choose, they will be palced in the Overview of your New Session.
  • Guided Text - spoken text to guide you to the Purpose of your Session. Both for Meditation ('guided meditation') and for Yoga ('yoga nidra'), but also for Sports (running or cycling with headphones).

Session ready - what now?

A Session is ready if it basically contains all the elements that belong to the chosen Form. 'In principle', because for the Affirmations there is a minimum of 2 (and a maximum that is indicated with the Form).

Name for my Session?

At the top of the New Session Overview you will now see a form field in which you enter the name of the Session. You can change this name later, if it turns out, for example, that it is not clear in the Playlist.

When saving the session, it is placed in the shopping cart.

What exactly do you mean by a Session?

A session is a period of disconnection from your thought patterns.

During a session, the Mind gets the chance to let go of the continuous flow of thoughts that we all have to deal with. The various Audiotechniques promote an open Mind, making the chosen Affirmations and Guided Text effortlessly arrive in your Subconscious.

For most, a session means sitting still for a while, meditation. With or without the use of headphones.

A session makes the process of relaxation, release and vomiting easier. This makes it easier to meditate for a longer time, up to an hour.

And when moving like Yoga or running, a session helps to increase performance.

Thoughts can be annoying for the free movement of your body. During a session, the Audio promotes the release of unpleasant thoughts. The Mind surrendered to the Body. This way your selected Affirmations can freely get their effect on the subconscious.

Which Forms can I choose from, and why?

The Form of a Session

A session has a fixed length: 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

After you have chosen the duration of your new session in the Studio, you can choose from a number of Form variants:

  • with or without Affirmations
  • with or without Guided Text
  • a combination of both (Mixed Session)

The Affirmations will appear first in the Session - divided randomly. If you choose a combination, the Guided Talk will appear after the Affirmations.

About the Atmospheres

Atmospheres: choose where you like to be, without moving an inch

Great to be in other spheres! A powerful tool to calm or circumvent the Mind.

We have divided the Atmosferen into Categories, to make the choice easier. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. More Categories have been added to offer even more varieties.

Choose carefully

The one Atmosphere gives more noise than the other. This means that not every combination of Energy and Atmosphere is suitable. A subtle Energy can be pushed away by a loud Atmosphere.

Choice tools are the specifications for each Atmosphere and Energy.

I want a Package, how does it work?

With a Package it is possible to produce Sessions in the Studio yourself

A Package gives you the opportunity to produce 25 Sessions yourself. You can play the Sessions unlimited, even on your smartphone. Each session is unique, composed by yourself, so you also have the possibility to change the name, description and the chosen image.

Start in the Studio - make a first Session

A Session is free, within a Package. Compose your Session, go to Checkout - via the Shopping Cart. There you can see which Package has been added, based on the content of your order. Or you can choose another.

A package is valid for one year

Therefore, make sure that you are logged in when you already have a Package. This way every new Session is placed in your private Playlist and you do not need to pay when completing the order.



What is an Energy and how do I know which is the right one for me?

OYM Energy: audio with an extra

The Energy you add to a Session is not just a sound. It has been carefully produced with the aim of influencing the Mind. The techniques used for this have been scientifically developed and measured.

For example Binaural Beats ...

This is an audio technique where a slightly different frequency is offered at one ear, as at the other ear.

The brain will compensate for this difference. This brings them into a desired state of consciousness.

Some Energies deliver one type of Binaural Beat, others pass through a spectrum during a Session. Then you will be led from Alpha to Theta and back to Alpha, for example.

Brain waves - an overview

With an EEG the activity of the brain can be measured. There are 5 types of waves perceptible.

  • Alpha - relaxed is also alert, as during studying. The gateway to the creative subconscious. Both brain halves are active. The vibrations from 7 to 14 Hertz
  • Theta - total relaxation, just before falling asleep. Often also the ultimate state of Meditation. Ideal state of consciousness to re-program! Magical experiences and half-dreams with memories occur here. Vibrations from 4 to 7 Hertz
  • Beta - gratulations perceptible from 14 Hertz to 40 Hertz. This is the state of consciousness, in which we are mainly directed outward
  • Delta - deep sleep, regeneration of the mind and body. Vibration from 0.5 to 4 Hertz
  • Gamma - foreknowledge, high state of consciousness, clear insights - vibrations from 40 to 70 Hertz.

The Gallery is under development

Special Session packages from OYM will be offered here, such as 'Stop Smoking' or 'Meditate - 1 hour a day, in 10 Days'.

People with a Package will also be able to offer their unique Sessions to others here. It will be easy to find a Session that fits your Goal and take it to your Playlist.

Expected delivery date: December 2019


Does one have to do a Session every day?

Yes, at least, if you really want change

You can compare it to Sports: if you do not maintain it, your abilities weaken.

That works just like Meditation (or with Yoga and certainly with studying). Every day a fixed moment works best.

The body and the Ego will protest. Habits can not be easily changed. But that is why the Sessions of OYM are so nice, they calm the Mind and bypass the Ego. Meanwhile a Session brings thoughts into your subconscious mind, with which you will be able to sit more and more easily.

Through the rehearsal of the Session (s) you will experience support from within, which makes it easier to let go of habits.

Choose a fixed time and place

Our advice for the most successful use of your Sessions: get up early and use the silence of the early morning for yourself. The time you lose from sleep is doubled by the lasting effect of deep meditation.

For many people, a permanent place also stimulates. Try to find a place in the house where you do not have to clean up everything or put it down first. Close the door, start ... Let others see that you are not available at the moment. Phone off, of course ;-)

What about Sports, studying or Yoga?

When you use the Session during studying or Yoga, Sports applies a different advice: choose the right Energy and a suitable Atmosphere. The audio does its job, the Affirmations stimulate the movement, the rest you have to do yourself ;-)

Any advice on the proper position?

Long sitting is easy, if you do well

After a long time, it goes without saying, the right position. But it is good to give this your extra attention in the beginning.

The space

Provide a fresh, ventilated room. Incense is often associated with meditation, but has no clear added value. In fact, the smoke can influence the breath and therefore the quality of the meditation.

Cushion, chair or bench

Meditating for longer periods will make the back stronger. But certainly in the beginning the back can protest against being unsupported.

Try out what feels good, it is wise to sit in the first session on one chair and the next on the floor on a cushion or bench.

Position advice

Always sit upright. As if a string runs from the crown to the ceiling. Sit like a king - chest forward, chin very slightly to the sternum.

Then make sure that the pelvis, your lower body, is slightly tilted backwards. Use the pillow for this: go to the edge to sit, so the pelvis is automatically put back slightly.

Your hands loosely on your lap, touching each other lightly.

That's good.

Mindfullness, Zen, OYM - What is the difference?

Perhaps better to view the similarities

All forms of Meditation aim to relax the layer between the Conscious and Subconscious. To discover the Subconscious and to get to know oneself better.

It is in the layer of the Mind, where the Ego is located. Where the constant flow of thoughts about past and future takes place. By leaving this layer with love for what it is, the flow opens to the deeper layers of our consciousness.

The technique of OYM

A Session of OYM brings the Mind into the desired state of consciousness. This does the chosen Energy.

The Atmosphere ensures that the Ego feels safe and indulges in the moment.

The Affirmations place thoughts in the subconscious mind, helping you to replace habits and patterns that bother you.

Guided texts are well thought-out short adventures that focus the Consciousness on your Body and Mind. This will increase your self-knowledge, self-confidence and your ability to change.

Meditation, in short, helps break your habits.


Is OYM suitable for use with running?

With an earphone, running without any thought

Not everyone likes to walk hard. And then not everyone likes to run with an earphone.

Our advice is: try it once. You do not know what happens to you. The energy that is released, as well as the ability to stop thinking about stopping ...

In principle, every session can be used. However, make the choice for a stimulating Energy. If you choose an Atmosphere from the Sports category, you can be sure that you will feel the best Mindset while running.


How to use Sessions with Yoga?

At the lessons

The guided texts are perfectly suited for the Yoga Nidra. If you give it at the end of a lesson, a half-hour session will give your students a wonderful boost.

But you can also play a Session during the whole lesson, so that during the moments that the students perform the asanas or are in the crocodile, the power of the Session comes through them.

Preferably choose an Atmosphere without voice sounds, this can be distracting. And select an Energy that does not necessarily need to be listened to with headphones.


As with the lessons, above, the use of a Guided Text at the end of your Yoga exercises is a delightful conclusion. Choose the Yoga Nidra. You can just play from the smartphone, this mainly concerns the instructions, after all.

For a full session, use an installation with boxes, if you have one. To the left and right of the mat a box. Wearing a pair is not really nice with Yoga, as there are now cordless versions.


Is studying better with a Session?


The undercurrent of thoughts that often distract during the study or even lead to another short interruption can be tame.

By playing a Session with a Focus-Energy and a calm Atmosphere, the ideal conditions are created for the Brain to be concentrated for hours in a row.

By placing Affirmations that emphasize your Focus and skill, the Session becomes a pure stimulus.