What does a Package entail

1. Playlist

The most important thing is of course the Playlist with your own Sessions.

The Player has a number of features to suit your needs. Most speak for themselves (rewind or continue, repeat and show list and the like).

Seperate Player button

This button allows you to open the Player in its own window, so that you can do other things in the browser while the Session continues to play. Useful when studying, for example.

Button change play speed

By clicking on this button you can determine yourself at what speed the session will be played. Sometimes it can be nice to extend the playback time a little, for example.

2. Session overview

You always get a comprehensive content overview of every Session.

If you have chosen Affirmations for a Session, they will appear as a second page in the overview in a neutral format.

Print this list to further support and strengthen the operation of the Affirmations. Hang this list where you see it a number of times daily. Toilet, outside door or in the car.

Voorbeeld Affirmatielijst NL(Dutch example)

3.Upload your own spoken text file

With your own spoken text you create professional unique Sessions!

With the Premium Package you can record guided meditation yourself and have it processed in a Session.

When you choose a Shape with a Guided Text in the Studio, your own work will also appear among the options.

Also consider a motivational text when exercising. Or a personal interpretation of a Yoga Nidra exercise. Have a person from your area who has a pleasant voice say the text.

You are free to use this Session, for example in your Yoga Studio or during a meditation course! When you offer this Session to others as a digital file, you must always mention this in writing from OYM as the producer of the file.

4. View and change data

You can still change and view everything if you are logged in to your account.

Change the image for a Session, or the description, as it explains the Session in the Player (and the app).

Change the image for your Profile. Change the e-mail address with which you log in to a user name - that is easier to remember.

View the status of your Package - how long before it needs to be renewed, how many Sessions are still available - may it need to be upgraded?

Every order is recorded, every invoice can be downloaded and printed. Perhaps as an entrepreneur (yoga teacher, for example) can you offset the VAT?


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